Portrait Mahi

Artist name: Mahi
Visual designer, art therapist.


Winner of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Casablanca in 1975.
Graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liège in 1978.

Active life

1979-1981: Teaches the visual arts as part of the civil service.
1983-2000: Artistic director and designer in a furniture factory in Marrakech.
2005: Participation in sensitization and training sessions in archeology professions organized by UNIGEM at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Marrakech.
2007-2015: Temporary teacher in design schools.

Private and public collections

Morocco, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, England, USA and Canada.

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Studied monumental painting, drawing, art history and semiotics at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, rue des Anglais in Liège, Belgium and obtained the diploma of graduation in 1978.

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Admitted to the School of Fine Arts in Casablanca in 1972

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Interested to art since my childhood, I organized in 1972 my first solo exhibition in Marrakech.