1973-1974: Group exhibition

Press release translation

At international students home , 29 rue du Verbois in Liege, stands

until January 4, an exhibition of great interest and deserves to be seen.

Believing rightly that art is a universal language ,

young foreign artists use them to express their sensitivity

particular combined with the tradition of their country of origin.

The works are all interesting and too many for the siter ;

it relate Algeria, Morocco , Tunisia, Mauritania, Vietnam , Pakistan ...

Holding posters Abderrahmane SAIF , one of which won first prize in Casablanca ;

surreal paintings Mahi CHAFIK IDRISSI ; bust of a young girl shining light , painted by LeQuang Chnong , Viet Nam. portrait of Abdelkader Abdelkader BENDJABBAR ;

Only two pictures but spotlessly technique Pakistanis Jawad SHEIKH , bright and tragic pictures expressing the poignant drama of drought in the Sahel by the Mauritanian

Moussa Kante ; very personal sketches in chalk and pastels Mohamed MECHERI , so the symbolic dove evoking World Peace Saad HOUARI .

Newspaper La Meuse . January 4, 1976

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