Internships and customized training, entertainment art workshops in Marrakech, home study courses for beginners and insiders. Art therapy workshop.

The following courses are taught by the artist.

Oil painting , acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, collage, drawing, sketch, graphic. Registration open all year

Workshop enamels on copper for the beginners eager to make jewelry and small art objects.
During 3d modeling. in Cinema4D or 3ds Max.
Photography Workshop: Introduction to the art of shooting techniques of digital photography.
Art history.

Cours de peinture dessin /2004 Painting and drawing courses Painting and drawing courses  Image 1 sur 18

Workshops and art classes

Painting workshops for children. Marrakech/ 2004 Image 2 sur 15 Image 3 sur 15 Image 4 sur 18 Image 5 sur 18

Animation art workshops in associations

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Art therapy sessions between 2011-2013