Group exhibition with the association of Marrakech visual artists at Almoravids'Menzeh in 1974 .

Press release (brevity) translation

On one works to another ... with the association of painters of Marrakech

" The association of painters of Marrakech" organizes " Menzeh Almoravids "

a large exhibition of recent creations eighteen marrakchis painters whose purpose

we precisely do you is to " discover the Moroccan and Arabic pictorial art and especially to love the art of the general public ..."

Through this retrospective we witness equivocal at successive simultannées and meanings

we even discern the intentions of different meanings :

a true multifaceted anthology, a parade where are exhibited alongside technical skill, "optical image "

and an admirable pictorial versatility.

MAHI reflects with talent, internal distress of a society in crisis.

He seeks a safe path between a surreal techinique and semi- abstraction.

But his world is deliberately impregnated a multimensuelle imagination.

Opinion Journal , January 18, 1974

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