Painting gallery


"My painting is an invitation to meditation. The pictorial sign marked me at a young age. Having fundamental concerns of Tradition-Modernity, I developed a particular plastic expression associating the spirituality and the rigor of oriental calligraphy with the chance and the subjectivity of the Western gestuality.

The soft and warm tones are generated by the superposition of transparent layers, conferring additional depth and dimension.
The signs painted or engraved in the material are a plastic language inherited from the Moroccan cultural heritage which is part of the Universal Art. ''

Mahi's works produced between 1973 and 2020

01M17G13/ 2015-2020

1101G12/ 2008-2012710G11/ 2007-2008704G9/ 2005-2007

528G10/ 2006-2007 517cG8/ 2005-2006 453G7/ 2005-2006

344G6/ 2003-2004 328G5/ 2003101G4/ 2000-2002

70G3/ 1993-2000 37G2/ 1977-1989 16G1/ 1973-1976